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It is a story of a heroic, faithful wife having the courage to rescue her husband from prison and defeat the tyrant imprisoning him. The plot is basic, the characters paper-thin.

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Yet the music is just amazing. Her face lit up as she sang of her love for Fidelio, and her voice became vibrant. These were pithy songs well sung, setting the base line for the richness of the music to come.

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It was a magic moment. With Leonore and Marzelline holding hands he sang compellingly of the need for money to live on, eventually placing his hand over theirs.

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Fidelio has its villain, prison governor Don Pizarro, cleverly sung by bass-baritone Samuel Younwho seemed to enjoy the role. To this role guest artist Emma Bell brought much experience, including other Fidelio performances, as well as Mozart and Wagner operas. She was a great tour de force.


David Pomeroythe imprisoned victim Florestan, appeared in Act II, which began with gloomy mood music taking us down to the deepest depths of the prison.

His singing grew hopeful and enlivened, feeling his angel, Leonore, was coming.

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Indeed, Rocco and Leonore then descended to dig his grave. There they gave him bread and wine, and some have suggested a reference to the nourishment of the eucharist before he rises from almost single cologne review tomb.

With pistol in hand, Leonore was fending off evil Pizarro from murdering her husband when the trumpet sounded, announcing the arrival of Don Fernando, the minister, their saviour. Tune and voices proclaimed strains of freedom.

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Fidelio has two great choral interludes. One sang encouragingly of faith, hope and trust, another of suspicion.

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Rather than full throated, they took a more hesitant approach, adding rich significance to their singing. The second choral interlude concludes Act Almost single cologne review. One hoped they could have gone on and on singing, just for us to almost single cologne review the enjoyment of the sound of voice and orchestra combined. As the opera ended in a wall of song, both characters stood rejoicing, central to it all.

almost single cologne review

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